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What is Home Control Lighting?

Home lighting systems can be a feature of a home control system, especially on larger properties where time and money may have been spent on a lighting design scheme. Control is normally from a piece of hardware, sometimes a tablet, phone or a wall mounted touchscreen/touchpad.

To deliver such a system, it is normal for a property to have certain wires installed or alternatively some or part of a system can be wireless. There are certain retrospective alternatives.                              


What is Home Control Heating? 

Again, home control heating can be a feature of a home control system and can be controlled using the same piece of hardware that controls your lighting. This is one of the main benefits of KNX; all of these systems can use the one in the same wiring.

It also allows you to programme your system for a number of responses. A simple scenario would be if my lights are on scene X, I want my heating to do Y. This creates a bespoke environment that can be unique to a specific room/area.


What is Home Control Curtain and Blind Control?

Similar to lighting and heating control, curtain and blind control is how you control your blinds and curtains. Again, there are separate systems for this as there are for lighting and heating control. However if you take this example, then you have in effect three control systems and maybe three pieces of hardware/apps for control.

With KNX these three features sit on the same set of wiring, as one system and can be controlled via the same mechanism. What’s more, they can also respond to each other. So say for an example in a dining room you had an “entertainment” function, the lights would set to a certain scene, as to would the heating and blinds. This maybe more apparent in a cinema room say, where you have a “film mode”, so the lights dim, the heating drops a few degrees and the blinds close, ready for TV viewing.