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All ready, steady, and compact: the new Theben FIX1/FIX2 KNX actuators

Those who do not need the modularity of Theben MIX2 actuators, but look for maximum flexibility and functionality, find the perfect alternative with the new FIX1 and FIX2 KNX compact actuators. Moreover, an affordable one. For example, the RM 16 T KNX switch/blinds actuator with 16 relays can control lights as well as blinds and is perfectly suited for the use in property construction, such as office buildings, public buildings, educational facilities or hotels. Wherever lighting and sun protection control are required in one room.

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Advantages of FIX1 and FIX2 KNX actuators at a glance:

Switch actuators

On/off with and without delay or staircase light with forewarning – the C-load switch actuators, for instance, offer you new freedom on up to 8 channels. They feature current recognition and are designed for higher lamp loads.

Blinds actuators

Blinds actuators optimally incline the blades of your sun protection. Any time of the day. Whatever sun position. The blinds actuators control the drives of blinds, roller blinds, sun and vision protection devices, skylights and ventilation flaps. Passive houses with interior blinds benefit from the 24 V versions of the new blinds actuators. With the switch/blinds actuators, you can switch and control as you desire: 8 blinds or 16 switching channels – or a mixture of both. This gives you more freedom in the use of the channels. Also, because you can assign them as you please afterwards.

Dimming actuators

No flickering, an attractive, evenly rising brightness level with all currently available LED lamps – Theben's universal dimming actuators have already proven themselves on the market. Without exception, they have been enthusiastically received. They are considered to be some of the best dimming actuators of all. And they can be updated for future lamps.

Heating actuators

Theben's heating actuators allow you to record the temperature in individual rooms by using affordable temperature sensors. The temperature is controlled in the actuator itself, and the set point is specified centrally via theServa KNX visualisation, for example.

Binary inputs

Theben binary inputs cover the full range of contacts and voltages – whether floating contacts, 24 ?V or 230? V. Each of the binary inputs offers six of them. That means more flexibility and greater investment security. Also because in case of maintenance or service, each channel can be tested via manual operation.


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