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Base module MIX2. 2-way universal dimming actuator. For dimming dimmable LED, incandescent lamps, LV, HV halogen lamps and evergy saving lamps. Suitable for controlling fans. Can be upgraded to maximum of 6 channels and up to 2 extension modules can be connected to the base module.

320mA Power Supply

Power-supplying and monitoring of the KNX system voltage. Reset key for 20 sec. bus reset. Continuous short-circuit protection. 320mA supply voltage.


6-way heating actuator MIX2 With 6 temperature controllers (P/PI) for heating and cooling Basic module MIX2 Can be upgraded to maximum of 18 channels For controlling 6 thermal actuators 24 V - 240 V AC in 2 groups with 3 outputs and 450 mA each Short-circuit-proof and overcharge protected Continuous or switching actuating value selectable Valve protection function can be deactivated With the modes: comfort, standby, night as well as frost/heating protection.


Motion detector (PIR),Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness,2 channels, Additional programming keys can activate the physical address via a programming magnet (if programming is being executed after installation), Integrated bus coupling, With constant light control.


Base module MIX2. 8-way switching actuator. Can be upgraded to maximum of 24 channels and up to 2 extension modules can be connected to one base module. Device and KNX bus module can we swapped independently of each other.

theServa S110

theServa S110 is a high-performance KNX visualisation solution for lighting, awning and climate control via smartphone and tablet.The intuitive app user interface is able to control devices, and also, display status and alarm messages and measured values as text or via predefined symbols
show energy consumption in graphic format, Mix colours of RGB LEDs using a colour wheel, Integrate images from IP cameras and much more.