Gira Home and Facility Server 4 Upgrade Offer

The Gira HomeServer and FacilityServer is the on-board computer for intelligent buildings. It connects the KNX system’s electrical installation to the computer network and the internet, thereby allowing intelligent building technology to be controlled centrally via a large number of control devices, regardless of the user’s location.

Gira continuously develops the functionality of their product range and this is once again evident with the recent HomeServer 4 and FacilityServer 4 update. At My KNX Store we always look to support the KNX industry and those working on KNX projects with competitive rates across our extensive product range.

Following the new HomerServer 4 and FacilityServer 4 update will be offering a special upgrade offer to those who have already purchased a HomeServer 2, HomeServer 3 or FacilityServer 3 with an additional Gira S1 package option.

Benefits of upgrading your current HomeServer / Facility Server include:

  • Encrypted communication across all interfaces in accordance with the latest standards/TLS 1.2
  • HTML-based HS monitor
  • Syslog protocol function
  • Avoids restrictive maintenance as the predecessor models of the Gira HomeServer4 and FacilityServer 4 no longer support Expert software 4.7.0


For more information and package rates contact a member of our sales team today.

E: knx@myknxstore