My KNX Store: 2019 Summary

2019 was another successful year at My KNX Store seeing the continued expansion of our client base. Driving the awareness of the KNX protocol and its benefits throughout the UK is a key company focus and we have seen the sustained growth of KNX projects across the residential, commercial, industrial and assisted living sectors.

“At My KNX Store customer service is at the forefront of our values. Building strong relationships with our existing and new clients is vital and our experienced engineers provide an unparalleled system / product knowledge for those new to the world of KNX. 2020 is set to be another exciting year for the team and with the upcoming ISE and Light & Build events later this quarter some anticipated new products to market”.

– Paul Kinghorn, General Manager

Expansion of the team:

In March 2019 we expanded our team once again with the addition of Business Development Manager, Pete Craggs and Technical Sales Manager South, Steve Lucas. Both Pete and Steve have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and have been vital assets in the fruition of various projects throughout the UK.

KNX Essentials Guide & Keypad Sample Cases:

In April 2019 we launched our My KNX Store Essentials Guide which has been a great tool in supporting our KNX Training Academy Graduates and those already working within the KNX industry. This includes a highlighted range of products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, from pushbuttons, thermostats and touchscreens to power supplies, actuators and PIRs. This can not only be used as an information source across product lines but also to help specify / quote KNX projects.

Our Essentials Guide also includes a selection of front-end device bundles which are a great way to showcase various configured options across a varied range of finishes, configurations and functional capacities.

Following the publication of our Essentials Guide saw the launch of our Keypad Sample Cases. “We believe that providing our customers with a bespoke sample resource is a great way to promote the KNX range and secure KNX projects” said Kit Holmes, Business Development & Marketing Executive. “We understand that allowing the end-user to get hands on with products, especially front-end devices such as keypads and thermostats, can be the difference between winning and losing a project for our customers.” Our Keypad Sample Cases are available to our customers for free and include a selection of keypad options from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

If you would like more information of either our Essentials Guide or Keypad Sample Case, please contact

MY KNX Store Training Academy:

We are committed to driving the expansion of KNX within the UK market and to do so offer six KNX training courses to help develop the knowledge and experience of those new to and already working within the KNX industry. Our KNX Partner Certification course is our most popular holding five in 2019 and is the ideal choice for integrators wishing to offer KNX solutions. Congratulations to all our 2019 graduates.

At My KNX Store we also understand that completing the full certification course straight away can also be a big time and cost commitment if an integrator or business are still deciding if KNX is the right route for them. To assist with just this scenario, in October 2019 we launched our KNX Taster course. This free 4-hour course offers a offers a theoretical overview of the KNX protocol, its infrastructure and the benefits of KNX within the home automation, building control and BMS sectors and a great way to achieve a quick insight into the KNX protocol

KNX Taster Course:

Our KNX Taster course offers a theoretical overview of the KNX protocol, its infrastructure and the benefits of KNX within the home automation, building control and BMS sectors.

Partner Certification Course:

This course is comprised of theoretical and practical workshops and breaks down how to design, install, programme and troubleshoot a KNX system and concludes with the KNX Partner Certification exams.

KNX Bootcamp:

Designed for KNX Partners looking to refresh their knowledge and expand their current skillset. Trainees will cover various topics essential in the programming and completion of a KNX project.

HVAC Certification:

This course is designed for KNX Partners to develop their knowledge in HVAC integration and advanced functionality. It covers a range of topics including heat generators, legal frameworks and advanced control and concludes with a theory certification exam.

Advanced Certification

This course is designed for experienced KNX Partners looking to take their knowledge to the next level and achieve Advanced Certification. It covers a range of topics including interworking systems, logic operations and visualisation systems and concludes with a practical certification exam.

Product Training

At My KNX Store are committed to supporting those working within the industry with various product training courses. Working with our key suppliers our product training courses are a great way to get hands on with the latest and upcoming products on the market.

Courses are available at both our Newcastle Head Office and London Training Base. For our 2020 Training Schedule, please contact


The My KNX Store team were on the road at lot more last year attending various promotional, networking and CPD events across the UK. In 2019 we were proud to sponsor all three Cedia Tech Forums in London, Wetherby and Edinburgh. In addition, we attended the KNX UK Awards, KNX UK Summer Drinks, KNX UK Winter Drinks, London Build and CEDIA Awards.

Our 2020 event calendar will be confirmed shortly with our next stops being ISE, Amsterdam and Light & Build, Frankfurt on 11-14th February and 8-13th March respectively.

Charity Support:

In 2019 My KNX Store and our parent company Park Electrical sponsored local North East charity Heel & Toe who help children with Cerebral Palsy and other similar difficulties through physio, hydrotherapy as well as other things. The My KNX Store team along with Park’s Lighting Design team completed a Total Warrior in Leeds, a 12k course with 25 obstacles, raising £2,165.50.

Are you looking to offer KNX control solutions in 2020? At My KNX Store we not only offer the latest KNX products on the market, trade pricing and project support but also 30-day credit and a range of specialist services.

For more information or to a arrange a free one to one consultation please contact