Anyone who is building or renovating should include LUXORliving in their plans. Smart Home system makes houses and flats more comfortable and flexible, provides a pleasant working environment in offices and creates atmosphere in bars and restaurants. What’s more, Smart Home system creates the optimum conditions for potential energy savings.

LUXORliving offers advanced features and benefits to both the installer and the homeowner. It’s easy to specify, easy to install, easy to program and most importantly for the homeowner LUXORliving is so easy to use. LUXORliving, Simply safe, simply smart.

Simple start-up

LUXORliving is so simple to assemble, wire and program. No specialist software, no expensive license and no intensive training courses.

Free button selection

With many smart home systems the switches are preset. This is not the case with LUXORliving. The occupant of the house is free to choose, as our binary in­puts and button interfaces are open to cover ­every conventional switch range.

Central OFF/ON function

Predefined switches can control central ON & central OFF functions, perfect for when the children leave the lights on upstairs or when you hear a noise in the garden at night.

Certified KNX system

LUXORliving is KNX certified so as well as a standalone solution it can also be integrated into any open KNX system; that makes it a very secure investment. LUXORliving has as much KNX inside as is needed with as little complexity as possible.

Flexible BUS wiring

Conventional set-ups have fixed wiring. This is not the case with LUXORliving. LUXORliving is based on flexible BUS wiring, thanks to which lights, roller blinds or other functions can be assigned to the buttons of your choice. This also gives you the ability to change the settings simply & quickly as and when your lifestyle, home layout or use of rooms changes.

Removable system control centre

If you are thinking about a “smart home” but aren’t quite ready you can install LUXORliving with the basic settings fixed. This will save control centre costs whilst allowing the option to upgrade at any time. The economic, fast and simple start for those who are not ready for a full “smart home” but want their home to be future proofed.


Clever presence simulation

When the occupants are at home, they use LUXORliving. When they’re not at home, LUXORliving is of use to them. The clever Smart Home system saves the usage patterns of the last seven days and simulates presence, whilst the occupants can enjoy their holiday without having to worry.

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  1. Theben LUXORliving RF1 THE4800868

  2. Theben LUXORliving P640 THE4800990

  3. Theben LUXORliving IP1 THE4800495

  4. Theben LUXORliving iON2 THE4800412

  5. Theben LUXORliving S4 THE4800420

  6. Theben LUXORliving iON4 THE4800414

  7. Theben LUXORliving S8 THE4800425

  8. Theben LUXORliving iON8 THE4800418

  9. Theben LUXORliving M140 THE4800490

  10. Theben LUXORliving S16 THE4800429

  11. Theben LUXORliving R718 (Room temperature controller) THE4800480

  12. Theben LUXORliving D2 THE4800470

  13. Theben LUXORliving set lighting THE4990011

  14. Theben LUXORliving D4 THE4800475

  15. Theben LUXORliving T2 (2 channel binary input) THE4800402

  16. Theben LUXORliving set drives THE4990010


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