GIRA KNX control unit 1 – 10 V, 4-gang with manual actuation

sku GIR222400
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The controller unit switches and dims electrical devices that have a 1-10 V interface, four individually-controllable dimming channels. Dimming behaviour and dimming characteristics can be parameterised via ETS.

More Information
SKU GIR222400
Manufacturer GIRA
Country of Manufacture Germany
Type Dimming Actuator
Medium KNX TP
Installation Din Mounted
Channels 4
Module Size 4 Module
Customs Tarif Number 85423190


  • The controller unit switches and dims electrical devices that have a 1-10 V interface.
  • Five device configurations can be selected. This leads to the assignment of four individually-controllable dimming channels to the switching outputs (e.g. four dimming channels are assigned to one switching relay to control a RGBW light).
  • Relay outputs that are not associated with a dimming channel can be used as freely-acting switching actuator channel.
  • Reactions in case of bus voltage failure and restoration can be set following an ETS programming process.
  • Manual actution of outputs independent of the bus with mechanical switching position indication.
  • Delay for actively transmitted feedback messages following bus voltage recovery.
  • Logical linking function configurable per channel.
  • Up to three central switching functions for the joint control of all dimming and switching channels.
  • Switch-on times of the relay outputs can be recorded and evaluated by the elapsedoperating time meter.
  • Group feedback of all switching conditions possible.

Dimming channels

  • Four individually-controllable dimming channels.
  • Feedback on switching condition and brightness value.
  • Dimmable brightness range can be set.
  • Dimming behaviour and dimming characteristics can be parameterised.
  • Soft switch-on and soft switch-off function
  • Block function or forced setting function can be parameterised.
  • Time functions (switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase light function). With the staircase light function, the reaction at the end of the switch-on time can be configured.
  • Inclusion of a dimming channel in up to ten scenes is possible.
  • The burning-in function allows for the start-up of new fluorescent lamps prescribed by lighting manufacturers.

Switching actuator operation (optional)

  • Independent switching of switch outputs A2 to A4.
  • NO contact or NC contact operation.
  • Feedback from the switching condition.
  • Block function or forced setting function can be parameterised.
  • Time functions (switch-on, switch-off delay, staircase light function - also with advance warning function).
  • Can be integrated in the light scenes. Up to ten internal scenes per switching output are programmable.
  • Cyclical monitoring of incoming switching telegram is configurable.

Technical data

KNX medium TP1-256
Number 4
Contact 1 x zero-voltage NO contact each, flip-flop
Control outputs  
Control voltage 1 to 10 V
Control current per output max. 100 mA
Cable length max. 500 m at 0.5 mm²
Switching outputs  
Switching voltage AC 250/400 V
Switching current 230 V AC1 16 A
Switching current 230 V AC3 10 A
Switching current 400 V AC1 10 A
Switching current 400 V AC3 6 A
Fluorescent lamps 16 AX
Lamp loads  
Light bulbs 3680 W
HV halogen lamps 3680 W
Wound transformer 2000 VA
Gira Tronic transformer 2500 W
Fluorescent lamps T5/T8  
Uncompensated 3680 W
Parallel-compensated 2500 W/200 µF
Duo-circuit 3680 W/200 µF
Compact fluorescent lamps  
Uncompensated 3680 W
Parallel-compensated 2500 W/200 µF
Mercury-vapour lamps  
Uncompensated 3680 W
Parallel-compensated 3680 W/200 µF
KNX KNX bus terminal
1 – 10 V Screw terminals
Load Screw terminals
Connections max. 4 mm²