GIRA KNX Presence Detector Mini Standard

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The Gira KNX presence detector Mini Standard features an integrated bus coupling, three PIR sensors and is equipped with a brightness sensor. It can either be used as an individual device, a main unit or an auxiliary unit. 

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SKU GIR222000
Manufacturer GIRA
Country of Manufacture Germany
Type Presence Detector
Medium KNX TP
Installation Ceiling Mounted
Customs Tarif Number 85362010


  • Indication of motion detection (permanent or only during walking test).

  • One function block configurable.

  • Adjustable operating mode: ceiling security-light, presence detector, alarm device.

  • Individual device, main unit, auxiliary unit can be set.

  • Operating mode for individual device or main unit: automatic, semi-automatic (manual ON / automatic OFF, or automatic ON / manual OFF).

  • Two outputs (for function: ceiling security-light, presence detector).

  • Output (for function: ceiling security-light, presence detector): switching, staircase function, switching with forced setting, dimming value transmitter, light scene auxiliary unit, temperature value transmitter, brightness value transmitter, temperature operating mode.

  • Twilight stage can be set using external communication object or teach-in.

  • Additional transmission delay via external communication object.

  • Adaptive delay time (self-teaching additional transmission delay)

  • Short-term presence function.

  • Feedback of twilight stage.

  • Block function.

  • Manual actuation using pushbutton sensor (separate communication object).

  • Switch-off brightness (for presence detectors) via teach-in.

  • Measurement of time period after last motion.

Technical data

Installation depth 34 mm
KNX KNX bus terminal

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