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Gateway for KNX installation, primarily matched to the needs of buildings in the private sector. It turns the Gira HomeServer 4 into an on-board computer that handles the networking of modern buildings and their technical equipment internally and with the outside world. Operation is carried out via state-of-the-art communication media. In addition to a PC, access is also possible via other Internet-capable devices connected to a LAN, an in-house WLAN, or the Internet. As a result, KNX functions can be controlled and regulated anywhere. The Gira SmartSensor, Gira Control 9 Client, Gira Control 19 Client 2 and Gira Interface apps for iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad®, and Android can be used as convenient operating devices for the Gira HomeServer 4. An app for Apple® devices is available in the Apple® App Store. For Android® devices there is an app available from the Google Play Store®. Due to the software architecture, the Gira HomeServer is protected against attacks from the Internet. The high security standard is supplemented, among other things, by an authentication system in which a telephone number, user name, and PIN are requested (only in connection with a USB ISDN adapter).


  • Can be updated.

  • Management of 200 users. Multiple logins possible under one user name.

  • Project archiving with individual content such as floor plans, etc.

  • Cyclic/triggered data recording (for example, temperature courses, elapsed operating time meters, fill levels). Graphic display.

  • Graphic user interface: Visualisation of building and device states with freely positionable icons and texts. Saving of individual images and menu structures for each user group.

  • Evaluation of IP cameras, e.g. from Mobotix: Recording of images and display in visualisation. Forwarding of the image data via e-mail and FTP. In the process, country-specific requirements must be taken into account, especially protocol-specific information and standards in the communication sector (e.g. ISDN, text message, etc.).

  • Exporting of data or alarm records in the Excel™, CSV, HTML or XML file formats.

  • Mathematical functions (e.g. basic operations).

  • Storing and calling up of light scenes.

  • Timers, weekly program, public holiday calendar.

  • Fault messages, measured values and sensor or actuator states can be transmitted by text message, push notification, and e-mail. Acknowledgement via KNX or phone.

  • Switching via phone call.

  • Self-teaching occupied-home simulation.

  • Remote programming via network, Internet and data communications connections.

  • Transmitting ASCII texts.

  • IP coupling with products from other manufacturers that generate or edit IP telegrams for control.

  • Low-wearing, as there are no moving parts such as a fan or hard disk.

  • Graphic logic editor: Allows for example copying module groups across projects, creating any number of work sheets. Over 150 logic nodes are set up.

  • Importing and exporting of global libraries.

  • Communication objects: Data transfer from ETS by means of OPC or directly from the knxproj file. Import and export of communication objects as CSV file.

  • Universal timer: Several switching points possible per clock. Use of placeholders in day, month, year. Activation/deactivation via communication object. With Astro and random function.

  • Data backup/restoration of retentive data.

  • 14-byte KNX texts: Evaluation by comparison with text string. Use in text messages, push notification, e-mails, or status page.

  • Receipt of IP telegrams: Specification of an address range, extraction of 14-byte KNX texts, assignment to 14-byte KNX texts.

  • SNMP: Reading out numeric and 14-byte KNX texts. Setting numeric values, integer values, and texts. Transmitting SNMP Traps via HomeServer command. Optional ColdStart Trap when starting Gira HomeServer.

  • Bus access via KNXnet/IP protocol.

  • Evaluation of web-based IP devices (reading/writing).

  • iETS server: Remote programming of KNX systems (secure operation ensured). Enabling iETS function via communication object. Gira HomeServer continues to run without restriction during programming via iETS. Switching processes continue to run.
  • Process image remains current.

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