Intesis KNX - BACnet IP Client

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IntesisBox is a BACnet/IP client device allowing to read/write points of other BACnet/IP device(s) connected to a BACnet network and offering these point's values through its
KNX/EIB interface.

BACnet interface of IntesisBox supports reading of other BACnet devices by continuous polling or by subscription requests (COV). Points of BACnet devices can be read/written from KNX.

On the KNX side, IntesisBox simulates a KNX device and acts as if it was one more device into the KNX system.

The IntesisBox's KNX EIB interface connects directly to the EIB bus and is optoisolated from the rest of the internal electronics. Any point in IntesisBox can be configured individually for different functionality.
To allow read requests, to allow write requests, to automatically send a write request to the KNX bus when its value changes, and to send a read request to the KNX bus when IntesisBox starts-up or after a bus reset.

For each point, one main group address and different listening group addresses can be defined. This useful feature allows actions on the same internal point from multiple KNX group addresses.

More Information
More Information
Manufacturer Intesis
Medium KNX TP
Installation Din Mounted
Module Size 6 Module