GIRA KNX heating actuator, 6-gang with controller

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Heating actuator with integrated room temperature controller for switching electrothermic valve drives for heating or cooling ceilings.

Valve outputs

Switching operation or PWM operation.
Servos with the characteristic "de-energised open" or "de-energised closed" can be controlled.
Servos can be activated with rated voltage 24 V or 230 V.
Building site operation: Outputs can be operated manually without bus voltage with operating voltage only.
Feedback in manual actuation and in bus operation.
Blocking of individual outputs manually or with bus.
Overload protected, short-circuit protected, errors indicated with LED.
Protection against jammed valves.
Forced setting.
Various setpoint values for forced setting or emergency mode in case of bus failure for the summer and winter.
Cyclical monitoring of the input signals can be parameterised.
Feedback via bus e.g. for valve voltage failure, overload, and short circuit.
Switching the heating circuit pump depending on the valve conditions.
Group feedback of the closed servos.
Power-saving mode for reducing the energy consumption of the heating actuator. Application for periods (e.g. summer) when heat is not required for heating.
Activation of servo with "first open function" during start-up.
Fast commissioning thanks to global setting of the channels.
Cascading of several heating actuators.
Resetting error messages via bus.
Heating requirements control.
Elapsed operating time meter per channel.

Room Temperature Controller

6 independent controllers.
Control via individual communication objects for inputs and outputs.
Optional internal group communication for individual assignment of the controller outputs to the output channels of the actuator.
Operating modes: Comfort, standby, night, and frost/heat protection.
Each operating mode can be assigned its own setpoint temperature values.
Configuration of the temperature setpoints either relative (derived from basic setpoint) or absolute (independent setpoint temperatures for each operating mode).
Comfort extension using the presence button, duration parameterisable.
Operating mode changeover using 1-byte objects in accordance with the KNX specification or by up to 4 individual 1-bit objects.
Configurable status feedback.
Frost/heat protection changeover via window status or via frost protection automatic function.
"Heating", "Cooling" and "Heating and Cooling" operating modes respectively with or without additional stage. The temperature setpoints for the additional stage are derived by a parameterisable stage interval from the basic stage values.
Various control types can be configured according to the heating or cooling level: PI control (constant or switching PWM) or 2-point control (switching).
Control parameters for PI controller (if desired: proportional area, readjustment time) and 2-point controller (hysteresis) can be set.
Automatic and object-oriented switching between "Heating" and "Cooling".
Room temperature measurement via up to two external KNX temperature sensors. Comparison of the temperature values is possible and the measured value generation of the external sensors can be parameterised. Query time of the externally received temperature values can be set.
The actual and setpoint temperatures can be output to the bus (incl. cyclical) after a parameterisable deviation.
Separate or joint corrected variable output in heating or cooling mode. This results in one or two corrected variable objects per stage.
Normal or inverted corrected variable output.
Automatic transmission and cycle time for corrected variable output can be parameterised.
Variable limitation is possible.
Floor temperature limitation possible in heating mode.
Setpoint temperature limitation possible in cooling mode.

Technical data

Rated voltage: AC 110 to 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Standby: max. 0.4 W
Power loss: max. 1 W
Outputs/controller: 6
Contact type: Triac
Switching voltage: AC 24/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Switching current: 5 to 160 mA
Switch-on current: max. 1.5 A (2 s)

Number of drives per output
AC 230 V drives: 4
AC 24 V drives: 2
Connections: max. 4 mm²

More Information
More Information
SKU GIR212900
Manufacturer GIRA
Type Heating Actuator
Medium KNX TP
Installation Din Mounted
Channels 6
Module Size 4 Module