Intesis KNX - MIDEA AC. Commercial & VRF Line

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Reduced dimensions. Installation even inside the A.C. indoor unit.
Quick and nonvisible installation.
External power not required.
Direct connection to the KNX EIB bus.
Direct connection to the AC indoor unit.
Fully KNX interoperable, configuration from ETS.
Multiple objects for control (of different types: bit, byte, characters…).
Special Modes available (Power, Economy, Additional Heating and Additional Cooling).
Timeout for Open Window and Occupancy. Sleep function also available.
Control of the AC unit based on the ambient temperature read by the own AC unit, or in the ambient temperature read by any KNX thermostat.
Total Control and Monitoring of the AC unit from KNX, including monitoring of AC unit’s state of internal variables, running hours counter (for filter maintenance control), and error indication and error code.
AC unit can be controlled simultaneously by the IR remote control of the AC unit and by KNX.
Up to 5 scenes can be saved and executed from KNX, fixing the desired combination of Operation Mode, Set Temperature, Fan Speed, Vane Position and Remote Controller Lock at any moment by using a simple switching.

More Information
More Information
Manufacturer Intesis
Medium KNX TP
Installation Flush Mounted