GIRA KNX Power supply 640 mA uninterruptible

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The uninterruptible power supply 640 mA generates the KNX system voltage.
With integrated choke for de-coupling the bus line from the power supply.
With connections for a lead-gel rechargeable accumulators for buffering KNX voltage in case of a mains failure.
Up to two lead-gel rechargeable accumulators can be connected and charged via the uninterruptible power supply.
The charging voltage is controlled depending on the temperature using a temperature sensor.
The uninterruptible power supply has a zero-voltage 2-way switch for reporting a fault (e.g. mains failure, battery failure, overload, or short circuit).

Technical data

Primary rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Secondary rated voltage: DC 28 to 31 V SELV
Secondary rated current: 640 mA, short-circuit-proof
Zero-voltage 2-way switch: AC 230 V, 6A
Zero-voltage 2-way switch: DC 12/24 V, 4 A

KNX: Connection and junction terminal
Load: Screw terminals
Connections: max. 4 mm²

More Information
More Information
SKU GIR107900
Manufacturer GIRA
Type Power Supply
Medium KNX TP
Installation Din Mounted
Module Size 8 Module