Lighting Design

Exceptional Lighting Design

With an impressive portfolio and a wealth of knowledge our lighting engineers can offer the latest lighting options for your project. With seamless designs and unparalleled customer care My KNX Store should be your first call when you are in need of a lighting scheme.


We are experts in designing lighting schemes for residential properties including new builds, period homes, contemporary apartments, waterside villas and large country estates.


Lighting design and control has become essential for energy efficiency and adaptive functionality in the educational sector. We can ensure lighting conditions always conform to government legislation whilst reducing energy costs and help in gaining funding for lighting upgrades.


Our engineers have a vast knowledge in maximising the usability and coverage of lighting in industrial spaces. Smart lighting design in essential for staff safety and consistent lighting in varying floor plans and building designs.


Our designers are involved with largescale commercial projects daily. We are industry leaders in providing cutting edge designs for commercial spaces, including office blocks and health care, maximising user wellbeing and energy efficiency.


All our engineers are LIA qualified to design lighting schemes for sports grounds, highways and car parks. We can offer cost effective and environmentally beneficial systems that provide zonal control and enhanced safety.


Our designers have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke lighting schemes for restaurants, bars, hotels and retail outlets. We believe lighting is a key element of customer experience.


The integration of lighting schemes can showcase the architectural design of new and old buildings alike. With an impressive portfolio we have blended lighting designs seamlessly to maximise key features in numerous projects across the UK.


Lighting outside spaces is one of our passions. Over the years we have brought many gardens, courtyards, roof terraces, pontoons and building facades to light in striking yet sensitive ways.


All our engineers are ICEL approved to design your emergency lighting schemes. We can offer designs on central battery systems, standalone or reporting systems.