eKinex Square Fenix NTM® plate 60x60 window

Available for 3-5 working days Delivery

Square plate for completing distribution sockets or switching equipped with components of the standard installation series, e.g. sockets, switches, etc. To be used only in combination with the corresponding adapter and the square frames of the form or flank series. Available in many different colors and materials.

An EK-TAQ adapter is included in the delivery of each plate.

EK-PQP-... = window 45x45 mm
EK-PQG-... = window 55x55 mm
EK-PQS-... = window 60x60 mm

The basic code must be completed with the extension concerning material, colour and finishing.
• EK-PQP Recommended installation with Bticino Axolute (with support change). Compatible with modification to support with Bticino Living International, Living Light (not for Air), Vimar Plana, Arké, Idea, Eikon and Eikon Evo, Gewiss (all)
• EK-PQG standard components 55x55 mm (LxH)
• EK-PQS standard components 60x60 mm (LxH)

More Information
More Information
Manufacturer eKinex
Type Square Plate 60x60 window
Range Fenix NTM® 71 series; Fenix NTM® FF series
Installation Standard