Theben HME 6 T KNX

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6-way heating actuator MIX2 for controlling thermal actuators 24 V - 240 V AC in 2 groups with 3 outputs and 450 mA each. Continuous or switching actuating value selectable.

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SKU THE4930245
Manufacturer Theben
Manufacturers Reference Theben
Country of Manufacture Germany
Type Heating Actuator
Range MIX2
Medium KNX TP
Installation Din Mounted
Channels 6
Module Size 4 Module
Customs Tarif Number 85362010

  • 6-way heating actuator MIX2

  • With 6 temperature controllers (P/PI) for heating and cooling

  • Extension module MIX2

  • For upgrading to maximum of 18 channels

  • For controlling thermal actuators 24 V - 240 V AC in 2 groups with 3 outputs and 450 mA each

  • (Due to the switch-on behaviour of the actuators, we recommend not to exceed a maximum load of 3x1 actuators 24 V AC or 3x5 actuators 230 V AC)

  • Short-circuit-proof and overcharge protected

  • Continuous or switching actuating value selectable

  • Valve protection function can be deactivated

  • With the modes: comfort, standby, night as well as frost/heating protection

  • Changeover to summer mode possible

  • Up to two extension modules MIX or MIX2 can be connected to one base module

  • Device and KNX bus module can be swapped independently of each other

  • Removable KNX bus module enables devices to be changed without reprogramming

  • Manual set-up and use of actuator is possible without KNX bus module

  • LED switching status display for each channel

  • Manual operation on device (even without bus connection)

Technical data

Stand-by consumption ~0.2 W
Width 4 modules
Installation type DIN rail
Type of connection Terminal screws | Bus connection: KNX bus terminal
Max. cable cross section Solid wire: 0.5 mm² (Ø 0.8) to 4 mm²                                    Stranded wire with end sleeve: 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²
Number of channels 6
Output Triac, 0.45 A
Voltage output 24 V AC - – 240 V AC
Switching output Not potential-free
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II according to EN 60 669

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