Theben LUNA 134 KNX

sku THE1349200
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The Theben LUNA 134 KNX is a light level controller for brightness-dependent controlling up to 10 channels. Up to 3 Lights sensors can be connected.

More Information
SKU THE1349200
Manufacturer Theben
Manufacturers Reference Theben
Country of Manufacture Germany
Type Brightness Controller
Medium KNX TP
Installation Din Mounted
Module Size 3 Module
Customs Tarif Number 85365080

  • Light level controller

  • External light sensor included in delivery

  • For brightness-dependent controlling

  • 10 channels

  • 4 threshold values channels for connecting external KNX-sensors (e.g. temperature)

  • 6 logic channels

  • Up to 3 lights sensors can be connected

  • Manual operation on device

  • 4 keys for setting threshold and switch on/off delay

  • DuoFix spring terminals

  • For 2 conductors each

  • Wire or strand (with or without wire end sleeve)

  • Wire diameter: 0.5 - 2.5 mm²

  • Button for releasing plug-in connection

  • Display back light (can be turned off)

  • Thresholds can be shown or changed on display

  • PIN coding

Technical data

KNX connection KNX bus terminal
Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ≤10 mA
Stand-by consumption ~0.8 W
Measuring range brightness 1 – 100000 lx
Switch-on delay 0 – 20 min
Number of channels 10
Max. cable cross section 2 x 0.75 mm²
Max. cable length to sensor 100 m
Ambient temperature -5°C ... 45°C
Setting range temperature -40°C ... 70°C
Protection class II
IP rating IP20