Theben theMova P360 KNX UP

sku THE1039600C
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The Theben theMova P360 KNX UP has a circular detection area 360°, up to Ø 24 m (452 m2) and has automatic motion and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC.

More Information
SKU THE1039600C
Manufacturer Theben
Manufacturers Reference Theben
Type Motion detector
Medium KNX TP
Installation Ceiling Mounted

  • Passive infra-red motion detector for ceiling installation

  • Circular detection area 360°, up to Ø 24 m (452 m2)

  • Restriction of detection area with cover clips

  • Automatic motion and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC

  • Mixed light measurement suitable for fluorescent (FL/PL/ESL), halogen/incandescent lamps and LEDs

  • 1 light channel C1

  • Switching operation

  • Choice of fully or semi-automatic

  • Brightness switching value can be set in lux by using parameters, the object or via remote control

  • Teach-in of the brightness switching value

  • Reduction of time delay when present briefly (short-term presence)

  • Manual override by telegram or remote control

  • 1 separate presence channel C4

  • Switch-on delay and time delay configurable

  • Adjustable sensitivity

  • Test mode for checking function and detection area

  • Parallel switching of several motion detectors (Master/Slave or Master/Master)

  • Ceiling installation in flush-mounted box

Technical data

KNX connection KNX bus terminal
Installation height 2 – 10 m
Measuring range brightness 30 – 3000 lx
Detection angle 360°
Installation type Ceiling installation
Light switch-off delay  30 s - 60 min
Lamps Incandescent/halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, Energy saving lamps, LEDs
Light measurement Mixed light measurement
Presence switch-off delay 10 s - 120 min
Switch-on delay presence 10 s – 30 min / inactive
Ambient temperature -15°C ... 50°C
IP rating IP54