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Visualisation server for mobile end devices (iOS and Android) and logic module in one device.

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SKU GIR209600
Manufacturer GIRA
Country of Manufacture Germany
Type Visualisation
Medium KNX TP
Installation Din Mounted
Module Size 2 Module
Customs Tarif Number 85423190

Visualisation server for mobile end devices (iOS and Android) and logic module in one device.

Visualisation functions: Dimmer (RGB, RGBW, Tunable White), switch, button, blind and shutter with and without positioning, heating, scene auxiliary unit, scene set, IP camera, status display, value transmitter, percentage value transmitter, temperature value transmitter, sauna control, audio control, and A/C Up to 250 functions can be controlled via the app for each project. Up to 250 function clocks can be set by the user in the app. Simultaneous access to the Gira X1 from 10 mobile end devices. Intuitive app user interface that can be adapted by the user.

Logic functions: A range of functions thanks to the module library with 36 logic modules (e.g. basic mathematical operations, shutters and blind control, temperature control, partition wall control, staircase lighting, random generator). Configurable logic nodes (e.g. freely selectable number of inputs). Easy parameterisation of timers and scenes: up to 50 timers with 10 switching times each. up to 50 scene sets with 64 scenes each. Up to 1450 data points can be used in one project (1000 KNX group address data points, 450 discretionary device data points).

Optimised start-up: Fast project changes and updates during operation without the need to restart the device. Two RJ45 sockets with switch functionality support simple loop-through of the patch cable. KNX interface function for starting up the ETS project remotely. Readout of current Gira X1 runtime project via GPA.

Project saving: Saving of a project copy on the Gira X1.


The physical address and application are parameterised with the KNX start-up software ETS from version 4.1.8. Further configuration is performed in the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). The Gira Project Assistant is available free of charge in the Gira download area. Functional extensions and updates via firmware and software updates.

High security: Easy remote access with the Gira S1. Remote app access via integrated OpenVPN server. Remote maintenance via integrated OpenVPN server. The device password protects the Gira X1 against unauthorised access. Encrypted TLS data transfer between app and Gira X1 as well as between GPA and Gira X1 prevents interception by third parties. Hardware prepared for KNX Secure. Future firmware update required.

Technical Data Rated voltage:DC 24 to 30 V Power consumption:4 W IP communication:Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (10/100 Mbit/s) Supported protocols:DHCP, AutoIP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP Connections IP:2 x RJ45 jacks KNX:Connection and junction terminal Ambient temperature:0 °C to +45 °C

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